Welcome to Reis mit Sauce or how we would shorten it: RMS. “Reis mit Sauce” is German and directly translates itself to “rice with sauce”, we clearly refrain from rice recipes here (Sorry Uncle Ben!). To make it clear: Reis mit Sauce also includes the term “travel”, which is the foundation of Reis mit Sauce.

We founded Reis mit Sauce in 2015 when we travelled to Vietnam. We? That’s the two origami-cranes from the logo above. Julian (large – 1.90M) & Julian (small – 1.70M) from Heidelberg. Our motto: We don’t take ourselves too serious, but the more we take photography. That’s it – simple as that.


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"Portugal!", exhibition @ La Locanda 26, 2017 //

"OFF Foto" Participation @ Dezernat 16, 2017 //

"Reis mit Sauce", exhibition @ Kaffeezimmer, 2016 // 



We travel to interesting places across the globe and capture exciting, unusual and natural elements. In our eyes photography must reflect everyday life and reproduce itself in a simple diversity. This is the reason, why we only use natural light and do not photography any contrived situations.

Enough about us, grab a bowl of rice with sauce and enjoy our top travel impressions in the galleries. Don’t forget to take a look at our blog with topic-related galleries. Follow us on our travels. Follow Reis mit Sauce on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to contact us for feedback or a rice with sauce dinner. 😉



Oh and btw: we also shoot photo reportages. How that looks likes? More infos on www.2dudes1day.com

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